Snappy QMS and Digital signage

MicroPromo is the sole dealer of Snappy QMS and Digital signage in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Snappy is the one-stop solution to all your digital signage & queue management solutions. Snappy is headquartered in Amsterdam - The Netherlands, which is famous for its innovative hi-tech industry.

Snappy Queue Management System

Snappy queue management system is a unique call-forward electronic queuing system to free & relax the customers from waiting in line.It will manage and minimize queues to improve efficiency and customer experience. It streamlines the queuing process and provides the ease and flexibility for customers.It also used to analyses daily customer service transactions for an improved company performance. This is achieved through the advance technology of reporting functions at both localized and centralized level.

Snappy QMS Features

  • Working on Wired / Wireless Technology
  • No limitations for number of TV Connections,Ticket
  • Dispensers, Counter Displays
  • Various pre-dened reports can be generated
  • Web-based Solution enable user to access from anywhere
  • Custom dened SMS alerts
  • Priority Ticketing

  • Snappy Digital Signage

    Snappy digital signage impacts customers at the point of decision with digital signs and display. It helps brands to be creative with attractive content with animation, videos, images or simple text. It is a cost effective digital signage solution and easy to implement. It gives new opportunities to be more relevant and flexible to promote our business products. It will be applicable for education, hospitality, museum, retail showroom, entertainment, transportation, healthcare, corporate, government sectors and etc.

    Snappy Digital Signage Features

  • Digital Signage Player
  • Centralised Management Solution
  • Multiā€“Language Support & Other Settings
  • Wall / Floor Mounted
  • Content Management
  • Storage Management
  • User Management
  • Scheduling
  • Content Screenfeed