Contactless QR Digital Menu Solution

Contactless QR Digital Menu Solution
No Touch! Fight Covid-19! No download of Mobile App!

To help curb the spread of COVID-19 we are giving away Contactless QR Ordering for FREE! Do NOT let guests TOUCH and SHARE the same menu. Implement QR Ordering today!



Our tablet menu app runs on iOS and Android


No APP required. Scan QR on mobile to see menu


Unique QR codes identify which table / room ordered


Start receiving direct online orders commission free

How to benefit from My Menu QR Ordering

Increase Sales

It is a know fact that pictures and videos help sell the food better when compared to a conventional menu. Restaurant clients can showcase their menu attractively and customized to prospective guests

Increase Guest Satisfaction

What you see is what you get, ensuring your guest expectations are met, increasing their satisfaction

Increase Average Check

MyMenu showcases beautiful images and videos which upsells your food. Moreover recommended / pairing of items help in increasing the average check value!

Guest Feedback

MyMenu allows the restaurant to collect feedback from their guests before they leave the restaurant and evaluate guest satisfaction!

Guest Oedering via Tablet

MyMenu allows the guest to place orders directly from the tablet. These orders are sent to an order panel and can also be sent to the POS directly provided your POS offers an interface

Showcase your Brand

For any successful business the brand is everything an My Menu understands how important it is to represent the brand across all collaterals including the digital menu.

Start Screen

MyMenu is 100% customizable which allows the restaurant to showcase their menu in their own colors and images. Moreover, its also possible to run a video as a background on the start screen.

Multiple Languages

Lost in communication? Never again! MyMenu supports over 140+ languages. Perfect for restaurants that get frequented by tourists who do not speak the local language!

Self Ordering

Running low on staff! No worries. Enable self order taking for guests to place their own orders! All orders are directed to an order panel or network printer.

Integrate QR Ordering to POS

If your POS has an API then we can connect to it and place the order directly in your POS!

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