Ribbon Shredder

“Dont let your IDentity being theft or forged”

Ribbon Shredder for Security Assurance : Securely Destroy Sensitive Personal Information

Main Features:

Security Assurance
  • Protecting personal information is paramount and IDP SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to ensure the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon with personal information.
  • Complete Shredding
  • * Twisted Micro-Cut Technology
    With the IDP’s Twisted Micro-Cut Technology (Patent pending), SMART-BIT uses unique twist and cut motions to completely shred ID Card Printer ribbon panels into tiny unrecognizable particles.
  • Flexible Card Printer Ribbon Compatibility
  • The SMART-BIT is designed to accommodate the industry’s popular brands of direct-to-card printer ribbons.
  • Compact Easy-to-use Design
  • SMART-BIT is compact and light weight in design and will easily fit into any office desktop environment. The SMART-BIT’s waste bag will ensure complete capture of ribbon particles and simple transfer to a waste bin.